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Baby Senses is community resource dedicated to providing personalized, non-medical support to expecting mothers and new parents. Our goal is to build awareness on a range of prenatal and postnatal topics to supplement professional medical care and build confidence in parents to foster healthy and happy families.

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We offer a wide range of non-medical support to pregnant women and new parents, from prenatal classes and hypnobirthing, to one-on-one sessions and workshops covering the non-medical side of sleep and feeding related issues. We believe in creating a comfortable social environment around fact-based education, and providing the “softer” insight and emotional support which medical facilities often overlook.



Our prenatal classesare structured as a four-part course for pregnant couples, focusing on pregnancy and birth topics, with basic information relating to newborn feeding and sleep. We believe that pregnant couples can benefit tremendously from this preparation, including knowing what to expect during birth (and afterwards) and asking the right questions to guide their birth experience in way that makes them feel rewarded and empowered. We also offer a Hypnobirthing module for those who are interested in this great alternative to traditional pain relief options.

Birth: The first session includes topics relating to natural birth. We help you understand the progression of natural labor and explain some of the terminology you may hear from medical professionals before, during or after your birth. (Attendance for this session is optional if you are booked for a C-section.)

Part Two - Assisted Birth, Pain Management and C-section: We discuss situations where your doctor may need to be more active in the birth of your baby, as well as Caesarian sections. We also discuss available pain relief options, including TENS, gas and air, narcotics, and, of course, epidurals.

Part Three – Babies I: We cover what parents can expect at birth, typical procedures and routine examinations, vaccines, some tests and some of the more common problems encountered.

Part Four – Feeding and sleep: Here we discuss mostly breastfeeding, we will talk about bottlefeeding and expressing and then discuss some useful information on sleep and routines.

HypnoBirthing: Offered in a group setting as a three-part add-on to traditional prenatal classes, HypnoBirthing uses deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, and visualizations, to encourage couples to prepare mentally, spiritually and physically for the birthing experience, and allowing you to guide your birth in a gentle manner in the direction you wish to go,while still being fully aware, informed and able to make decisions.

Twins Prenatal:Multiple births (twins or more) present a unique set of challenges which couples must prepare for and anticipate.Our Twins prenatal course is structured as three group prenatal classes: (i) birthing options and pain relief, (ii) premature babies and neonatal ICU, and (iii) feeding, sleep and newborn care for multiple babies. The package also includes one private postnatal session for additional feeding and sleep support once babies are here.



We recognize the physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding, but we also respect a mother’s choice to bottlefeed, be it for medical reasons or personal preference, and seek to support you accordingly. We focus on the “softer” and more practical aspects of establishing a feeding routine to ensure a healthy and well-fed newborn, as well as lay the foundation for a proper sleep routine.

1on1: We can assist with the implementation of both breastfeeding and bottle feeding routines, as well as work with you to troubleshoot any concerns you may have about your little one’s feeding habits or needs including when and how to transition to solids or introduce formula.

Workshops: Our baby weaning workshop gives an overview of solids, where we introduce you to both puree-based weaning and baby-led weaning, as well as other relevant topics such as food allergies. Of course every baby is different, so these sessions are meant to provide context and a framework, and one-on-one sessions may still be needed to address more specific challenges you and your little one may be facing.



We know things can be overwhelming after the birth of your child, especially when parents are sleep-deprived. We believe it is critical that a plan or roadmap to the right sleep routine is designed shortly after your baby is born, before difficult-to-reverse habits are formed. We also realize that these sleep routines are not always easily implemented for newborns, and sometimes our toddlers need a little help, too.

We can help you establish a sleep routine for your newborn, before difficult-to-reverse habits are formed, to ensure that you, too, are getting adequate sleep. For toddlers, we also realize that it is quite common to succumb to circumstantial or reactive behaviors which may not be conducive to an ideal sleep routine, and while these sleep habits can be difficult to reverse, we have years of experience and loads of practical advice to support and guide you.

Workshops: We hold workshops on sleep routines by age group, from 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12+ months, where we cover typical sleep milestones, as well as discuss some of the more common pitfalls and challenges. Of course every baby is different, so these sessions are meant to provide context and a framework, and one-on-one sessions may still be needed to address more specific challenges you and your little one may be facing.


& Enrichment

We have a lot of other growth and development focused ideas that we are offering our parents and their little ones.

Baby massage has been shown to have many benefits and can help: (i) soothe your baby, especially those who have tummy (colic) or teething pains, (ii)relax babies and promote better sleep and increased appetite, (iii) boost circulation, helping to strengthen muscles and joints, and of course (iv) help mommies bond with and better get to know their baby. Baby massage offered in a group setting as a four-part weekly course.

First Aid Awareness: When you become responsible for a new life, you need to be prepared for anything. Our first aid awareness gives you the knowledge and confidence in emergency situations where you may need to act quickly, and prepares you for the more common (and unavoidable!) bumps and bruises. Note that this is a first aid awareness seminar and not an official certification course. Courses are taught by DCAS approved partners, HSS Health & Safety Solutions,

Mommies Corners: Our Mommies Corners are free weekly events where we discuss a variety of topics for newborns and both pregnant and new mommies. We regularly invite knowledgeable guest speakers depending on the topics covered. Attendance at these events is free but spaces are limited, so registration is a must. Weekly topics and registration links are posted to our Facebook page, so check in with us often!

Baby Signing: Offered at the Babysenses location by Little Signers Club,Dubai. Come teach yourself and your baby how to communicate through signing. This reduces stress and encourages your baby to tell you what they want or need from you.


We Are

Baby Senses was founded by Cecile de Scally, a South African trained midwife with 25 years of experience in prenatal and postnatal support and education, including over 15 years in the UAE. Baby Senses and its staff are dedicated to increasing awareness on a wide range of prenatal and postnatal matters, by offering truly unbiased, fact-based, non-medical support and advice to parents.

Cecile de Scally – Co-Founder, Midwife, Childbirth Educator
South African trained midwife, who qualified in 1990 and came to Dubai in 1997. Throughout her career as a midwife, Cecile has been focused on teaching and supporting woman through their pregnancy, labor, and in the months and years after birth with sleep routines and feeding advice. Cecile is also certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator. This is not a job to Cecile – it is her passion.
Ila Kharbush – Co-Founder
During her first pregnancy, Ila experienced first-hand the benefit of Cecile’s uniquely unbiased and experience-based prenatal and postnatal support offerings, after which she partnered with Cecile to help launch Baby Senses. While Ila isn’t actively involved in the day-to-day operations, she continues to be an ambassador for Cecile’s approach to prenatal and postnatal support.
Michelle Sweeney – Midwife, Childbirth Educator
Michelle is an Irish nurse who has lived in Dubai since 2008, having qualified in the UK. In this time, she has had three children of her own, including a pair of identical twins. She offers advice on pre/post-natal care with an emphasis on multiple births as well as breastfeeding. Michelle is also a qualified baby massage instructor.
Jennifer Cayanan – Administrative Assistant
Jennifer helps with client bookings and inquiries, and fills a number of office management roles for Baby Senses. A mother of three, she has worked in a number of medical and administrative roles in the UAE, Singapore, and the Philippines, and holds a BSc in Nursing from the University of the Assumption.
Now Hiring – Midwife, Educator
Baby Senses is expanding its team. We are speaking with trained midwifes based in the UAE who are looking for a change of pace by stepping into a uniquely non-medical and exciting midwife and educator role at Baby Senses. If you think you might be a good fit, please send your CV to



What keeps us going is the prospect of helping mothers (and fathers) be better prepared, more confident, and, as a result, form happier and healthier families. Below are just a few things our clients have had to say...

“Thanks to Cecile, our journey as a family from pre-birth to the first few months of our girls’ lives felt so worry-less. ... For the new mum I was, Cecile was the perfect support and care. She gave me so much confidence with my babies. I felt reassured … she was highly professional yet welcoming and friendly.” - Annie
“Cecile was a wonderful source of support in helping me after the premature birth of my first baby last year … it was a huge a relief to be able to have some practical advice and solutions to guide us ... Cecile has such a wealth of experience and information … I always felt reassured, encouraged and a little more confident after each visit.” - Corina
“As first-time parents to be, we found the antenatal classes invaluable, particularly my husband who wasn't bothered with reading any of the parenting books I presented to him when I was pregnant... [Postnatal] visits were a lifesaver, particularly when I was severely sleep deprived... Cecile the 'baby whisperer'…” - Sally
“Every single question, worry and concern was answered and Cec put us at ease and built our confidence as first time parents. Her support was particularly invaluable when persevering with breastfeeding our hungry boy!” - Lucy
“I can't thank you enough for helping me get through all the sleepless nights with both of my daughters.” - Hind
“As first time parents, Cecile was paramount in our first few weeks providing us with information and solutions when it really mattered. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for friendly advice and support to reach out to Baby Senses.” - Tanya
“We are so chuffed with the support and assistance we received … both during the very informative antenatal classes and following the birth of our baby girl.” - Carol
“Cecile shared her endless knowledge and guided us every step of the way… [She] had a solution for everything… breastfeeding, milk supply, baby refusing to eat, reflux. Thanks to Cecile I am becoming a more confident and educated parent every day raising two happy little girls :) … Our time with Cecile is definitely the best investment we made since we had our babies.” - Katerina
“We have been so happy with the amazing support we got! It really helped us get through some difficult times with Elli the first few months. Many tears turned into many smiles :)” - Annemarie
“Wonderful facility with great advise and services. Found the mommies corner mornings a great way to get out of the house and meet other new mommies.” - Alex
“Baby Senses have provided a wonderful support for my husband and I, from pre-natal classes through to post natal help with the critical issues of feeding and sleep - we would be battling through early parenthood a lot more if it were not for Cecile and Jen. I could not recommend them more highly.” - Deborah
“I can't thank Baby Senses enough for the support they have given me in the first 3 months of being a mum… Cecile at Baby Senses has helped me to feel empowered and in control and ultimately have fun with my baby and enjoy being a mum.” - Gemma

Baby Senses is located in Cluster N of Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Please feel free to drop by any time – we’d love to meet you. Don’t forget to check in regularly on our Facebook page for events, promotions, and helpful tips and articles!


Baby Senses is located in Cluster N of Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Please feel free to drop by any time – we’d love to meet you. Don’t forget to check in regularly on our Facebook page for events, promotions, and helpful tips and articles!

Baby Senses Mother Child Centre DMCC
Jumeirah Business Centre 4, Unit 1202
Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster N
PO Box 336653
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Baby Senses

Baby Senses Mother Child Centre DMCC
Jumeirah Business Centre 4, Unit 1202
Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster N
PO Box 336653
Dubai, United Arab Emirates